Short and sweet, please read and keep!



The weekly “piano season” begins the week of Labor Day and ends the last week in May (students may begin any time during the year). I follow the Papillion-LaVista school calendar, and only stop lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks (see calendar in binder).


Once a month, in lieu of private lessons one week, I host “piano parties.” These are hour-long parties with lots of games (theory, but don’t tell your student!), performance time and theme-based projects (each month we have a different theme, i.e., composition, improvisation, music history, etc.). Private piano lessons are great because each student can learn at their own pace, but group classes allow students to interact and learn together. I’ve learned that they remember theory better and perform at recitals much better when they attend these parties.


Need to cancel a lesson?

It happens! But please try to limit them, it really messes with learning, which messes with your student’s confidence in playing, which makes students want to quit. If you do need to cancel, please let me know as soon as you are able. Make-ups happen during Christmas break and in June, or sometimes I am able to teach an hour lesson instead of 30 minutes. I do not give refunds for missed lessons.


If I have to cancel (which means I’m either really sick, the weather is really bad, or some other big emergency has happened), I will make that lesson up.


Fees and Payment

I charge $85/month for 30 minute lessons and the piano party. Books are extra, as needed. I will always let you know in advance when your student is going to need new materials. Payment is due at the end of each month for the upcoming month (i.e., October payment is due by September 30). You will receive an invoice via email around the 20 th  of each month for the next month.


If your student needs to discontinue lessons, a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required. Refunds are typically not issued for mid-month discontinuations.